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 The village church is dedicated to St Matthew



 Donisthorpe Colliery Wheel

From the old Donisthorpe colliery which closed in 1991 and was one of only two mines in the UK using a steam winding engine.

Red telephone box situated in Shortheath, almost opposite house number 151.
In 1935 the K6 (kiosk number six) was designed to commemorate the silver jubilee
of King George V. K6 was the first red telephone kiosk to be extensively used outside London, and many thousands were deployed in virtually every town and city, replacing most of the existing kiosks and establishing thousands of new sites.
It has become a British icon, although it was not universally loved at the start.
This milepost stands outside number 6 Burton Road (the A444) on what used to be the Market Bosworth to Burton on Trent Turnpike (Toll Road). The Turnpike existed from 1759 to 1872 and was 17 miles in length, with six main gates and four side gates, with one of the gates situated the Robin Hood, which was the last building on the northern end of the village at the time.
This is one of two surviving mileposts, with the other one situated in Carlton, and was saved from destruction by Mark Knight, one of the Overseal villagers, who arranged for it to be repaired and refurbished.
 The_Pipe_Wall_4.jpgThe "Pipe Wall" on the corner of Hallcroft Avenue and Daisy Lane.