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Overseal footpaths

Volunteers Wanted

  • Are you interested in finding out more about the footpaths in the Overseal area of South Derbyshire?
  • Do you want to help create the National Forest Way long distance walk?
  • Would you like to know more about places to walk?
  • Do you want to help get the rights of way up to a high standard and improve the walking in your area?
  • If you are interested please click here Footpaths Project

Overseal footpaths

A hand-drawn map map of the foot paths in Overseal can be downloaded as a pdf, just click this link Overseal Footpaths

The very NW end of the northern map is incorrect as it shows Footpaths 35 and 38 merging into one- but they don't, 35 continues parallel to the railway line until it crosses the parish and county boundary into Leicestershire- immediately alongside the cycle trail- thus rendering Footpath 35 unnecessary!

Beating the Bounds Walk

This is a walk around the boundary of Overseal Parish, and through a corner of the National Forest, with a rich industrial heritage and a long diverse history. A printable pdf file that includes a map and description of the walk is available through this link, Beating the Bounds Walk,

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